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  • #Shredder says: "Accursed enemies, tremble at the sight of my mighty crazy eating goat!" #Gobbles #OttawaGeekMarket https://t.co/NDiMOPHrGr 1 year ago

  • Things have launched at the #OttawaGeekMarket. Come check us out and all the excitement! #WubbaLubbaDubDub https://t.co/KOulekLS8j 1 year ago

  • Last day of #OttawaComicCon! Lots of #StarWars #StarTrek #TMNT action figures and much much more! Booth 603… https://t.co/ZIvyRkDv3a 5 months ago



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A little about us

Space Wizards is an independent toy store located in Ottawa, Canada. Serving the convention crowds in Canada’s National Capital Region and the online community. We strive to deliver toys of high quality to bring some nostalgia back into your collection.

We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting products. If there’s anything we don’t carry that you’re interested in, or have something that you’d like to sell let us know!

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