Before the days of the internet, when being part of a fan club meant more than clicking “like” on Facebook, you had physical messages, carried by real people. Today these same people just bring you junk mail and bills.

Below is a vintage fan club Star Wars correspondence with some pretty breaking news!

Some of you may know that Return of the Jedi wasn’t the planned title for Star Wars Episode VI, instead it was a last minute title change from Revenge of the Jedi. The switch happened so close to the film’s release that posters and memorabilia were being produced with the title Revenge of the Jedi.

Below is the complete correspondence package from the Star Wars fan club, notifying some poor child that their poster order was canceled and instead offered the chance to purchase a Return of the Jedi poster.

Although at this point the title was officially changed, the fan club included a Revenge of the Jedi Yoda sticker as a way to make amends.
Below are the letter, return envelope, order form, and apology sticker.

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Return Envelope

Poster Cancelation Letter

This next one I can’t explain. I can’t see them sending a poor quality photocopy of an order form. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Order form

Revenge of the Yoda sticker. Provided as a way to make amends for cancelling the Revenge of the Jedi poster.

Revenge of the Jedi Yoda Sticker



Star Wars Fan Club Membership Application form front.

Membership Application Form front

Membership Application Form Back




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