Well, I took the sniper route.

I figured out that my phone has slightly faster speed than my home connection. So, I waited for 12 seconds to remain in the auction and frantically entered my max bid. Success.

I know what a max bid is now by the way, should’ve looked that up when I started this. I would have won a few more auctions.

And what did I win? 52 25th anniversary G.I. Joe action figures and 73 Marvel Universe figures.

I already have them inventoried and priced. Finding the sweet spot for pricing is difficult; of course I have no idea if what I have is even close to being appropriate.  For the Joes I used Amazon.com and Amazon.ca as a guide. The price gaps were sometimes huge and made it very difficult to guess. For instance, Lady Jaye currently goes for $27 while amazon.ca has her listed at $82. I chose to list her at $50 and will probably accept as low as $30.

Marvel Universe was a bit more of a guess with very few figures available on the Canadian version. For this I relied on amazon.com and my memory of seeing them at past cons. They retail new in Canada for $10 and I’ve seen them at shows for $15. I used Amazon for any figures that may be rare and should be priced accordingly. I have no Marvel figure listed over $30 and the vast majority is listed at $15. Still providing a decent profit. I think. I still have no idea how much profit is the norm.

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