Although things might have seemed quiet around here in the last couple of weeks – behind the scenes, things couldn’t be crazier!

Spring 2015 Ottawa Geek Market – Our best show yet

First off, we had an incredible time at the Ottawa Geek Market a couple of weeks ago. As always, we love talking toys and collectibles with people who are equally as interested as we are. This weekend went particularly well for us sale-wise, so much so, that it left us a little worried about having enough for the next event. We don’t have a perfect formula yet (and this sort of thing probably can never be perfected) – we can only theorize why things went well this time:

  • The variety of our items touched upon many different audiences
  • Our selection of older, more vintage items was unique compared to other vendors
  • The event organizers did a great job advertising the event and keeping tickets low enough to encourage more spending

Up next – Ottawa Comiccon!

A while back we signed up to another show, which turns out to be less than two months after the Geek Market. We’re super excited to be an exhibitor at this years Ottawa Comiccon. Except…The situation we’re in is a new one. We’ve never done two shows this close together AND have never done something as big as the Comiccon before.

Talk about a double whammy!

Since the Geek Market, there definitely were some concerns. We did so great – that we had in fact depleted a lot of our good stock. [Ok, we admit, that’s not a terrible situation to be in]. With little time between shows to restock, we were understandably a little nervous. Since we try to focus on more vintage items, we don’t have the simple recourse of dealing with distributors. All of our items are obtained through tireless searches, kijiji/craiglist meetups, eBay bids and lucky finds at local flea markets or auctions. This process takes time, and in some cases, require even more time for shipping. All this to say – the clock was ticking, and we had to move fast.

On top of everything, there is another particular problem – the Canadian dollar sucks. Because of the crappy economic climate, we can’t search for stock in the US like we used to – thus limiting our options by a lot. We obviously want to purchase things that will bring us profit, without blowing it all on insane currency exchange rates!

Regardless, after a bunch of failed eBay bids (this happens a lot – we cry, we move on), we finally had a stroke of luck. Two people were looking to unload some huge lots at very fair prices and they were locals – so none of that worrying if the shipment would make it on time.

So here we are, a couple of weeks before Ottawa Comiccon and we’re feeling a heck of a lot more prepared. Our new stock includes a TON of Star Wars action figures, vehicles and ships. We also acquired many action figures from Star Trek, Babylon 5, Planet of the Apes, Marvel and much, much more. Some of these have already been added to our online store but if you want to check them out in person, make sure to attend the upcoming Ottawa Comiccon.

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