Let’s pretend I just won $5,000 and wanted make it seem like I was at SDCC without actually being there.

Not all products listed below are available at this time and for those that are, the prices listed are the aftermarket price noted at the time I wrote this article. Expect them to rise.



First item on my list is Bif Bang Pow!’s Brock Samson 3.75 inch figure. What sets this figure apart is that he’s covered in blood and carries a big knife.





A “Transformer” that I never thought I would own is Gay Energon Roddimus Pride by SUCKADELIC.

I suppose this is more of a cyborg. It has some rockin’ human abs but with robot legs, gauntlets, and Bumblebee’s head.

An astounding $125



What I wanted but didn’t get because Hasbro eats poo sandwiches is the Bruticus: Fall of Cybertron. I had my hopes up when I found out Devastator was going to be in Revenge of the Fallen. To see what the wonders of modern technology could bring us!

Like every other person with an IQ higher than an explosion, I was disappointed. But what’s this, possible redemption? A combiner from a High Moon Studios which looks AMAZING!?!

What do we get?

A toy that bares no resemblance to the source material. It’s legs, torso, and head look acceptable, but then you have one long dragging-on-the-ground arm and the other appears to have a dislocated forearm.

Not spending $275.99




Tremble at the might of the power cosmic! The devourer of worlds! GALACTUS!

Few toys make me squirt. This one made me squirt rainbows. Not much else to say other than this is 33 inches of rock solid purple abs and glowing eyes that make your heart melt.

Also comes with Silver Surfer and Nova. Both of these heralds are capable of attaching to his pointing arm. Made by the always-awesome Sideshow Collectables.

An “I’m rich and I don’t care” 799.99




His eyes burn through your while ice shards actually kill you. Sub-Zero.

I always have a hard on for Sideshow, but this I must pass up. His face and especially his eyes are absolutely stunning. His angered, tense grimaced appearance seems like he will kill you at any moment.

If his eyes could track your movement it would be a must buy. It would absolutely terrify guest. That is if you had friends and a Mortal Kombat life sized bust.

An “I’m rich but can show restraint” 699.99



A decent Transformer exclusive to come from Comic Con is the Terrorcon Cliff Jumper. I’m not fan of Zombies whatsoever (As seen in the last remaining evidence of Nexcidia’s past life), I am however, a huge TF fan and I find TF Prime to be a half decent rendition.

It will be fantastic once Miko finally gets squashed.




I find Jar Jar in carbonite to be gimmicky and pathetic. It’s marketing spin by an army of Lucas people playing it as if old Georgie boy was in on the joke the whole time.

Aside from the pathetic marketing ploy, you get a sexy as hell Sand and Shock Trooper. Also in the set are a Clone Trooper Lieutenant, Leia, and Darth Vader.

Seven figures for $149


Part 1 grand total: $1,132.98

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