Rather than continuously destroying toy boxes by ripping stickers off like a reckless madman, I decided to find a better way. And with a little experimentation, I’ve found a pretty solid method.

All it takes is a bit of lighter fluid and a little patience.

Generally, one wouldn’t think to put lighter fluid on a box. Aside from the fear of it spontaneously igniting, one would assume that the box art would be bleached beyond repair.

If you’re the careful type, wet the end of a Q-Tip or paper towel with lighter fluid and dab the sticker until it is fully drenched, ensuring that the adhesive has made contact with the lighter fluid.

If you’re feeling reckless, squirt it on. I haven’t yet damaged a box.

Then, carefully peel up a corner.  Once you have one corner lifted, dab where the sticker makes contact with the box. Then peel the sticker back a bit farther and repeat until the sticker has been removed.

Be careful not to go too fast. The adhesive may still be strong in certain areas and with the box being dampened with a combustible; some of the art may break off.

Once removed, wipe the dampened Q-tip/paper towel over where the sticker was in order to remove any excess residue. I’ve found that rubbing a finger over the area to be very effective.

Almost looks like a virgin.

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