Soundwave doesn't know what to do anymore...

Here’s a dilemma I didn’t see coming. I don’t know what to buy anymore.

I’m currently in the midst of a buying frenzy in preparation for a slew of shows this fall. But I’ve hit a plateau where I’m not sure of what to stock up on.

I’ve often received request for Star Trek figures, which always surprises me, I tend to see boxes upon boxes of discounted Star Trek figures at any convention I attend. Although I find the market flooded, I decided to buy a small lot of First Contact figures. The toys themselves appear to be higher quality compared to the usual poorly articulated TV based figures. Either way, they will be a sub-$10 item, something I don’t have much of. I’m also following a lead on a few older vehicles, which would greatly contribute to my vintage inventory.

The other big request I hear is for anything DC Comics. I’ve been trying, but on a nasty streak of being sniped at the last minute.

DC in general has always been a weak spot in my repertoire. Although I know more than the average adult, knowing what line is above what is beyond me. So far I can narrow DC figures into two categories, nice pretty rectangular black boxes and normal cards.

My next major show is this October’s Geek Market. It’s taking place at Carleton University’s field house and I’m making the assumption that students will be a major factor when it comes to attendance. My plan is to hit their nostalgia bone hard and rob them of their freshly deposited student loans.

It gives me some lead on where what era I should focus on, turn of the century. A time frame that’s a complete black hole in my knowledge, back when I too cool for toys.

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