I was listening to a live “I Sell Comics” (a weekly podcast from the S.I.R. Network) recently and they were accepting questions via twitter (You’d know this if you were following me). Taking advantage of the opportunity for some free advice, I asked what recommendations they’d give for a first time seller.

  • Be there to sell.
  • Dress the part.
  • Don’t take any attitude but also make them feel like they’re getting a deal.
  • And the point that was most stressed the most; SELL IN SETS.

I knew the handiness of selling in sets, but the importance was so stressed, that I went through my collection and pulled out every set, every arch, every two parter and set them aside.

He even stressed selling action figures in waves. I understand the value when it comes to Marvel Legends or teams of superheroes. But with my G.I. Joes and Marvel Universe figures, I don’t think it would pay off.

Of course I would happily knock a few dollars off if someone were to buy multiple figures.

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