Bah, snipers. Constantly. They’re everywhere. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I need to up my bandwidth in order to keep up. I’ve now lost out on two big toy lots because of it. It’s what’s holding me back from setting up my first booth.

Do I need to do the same? I guess. How else will I acquire anything? I’m still sitting on those Attack of the Clone figures. I’m not going to make much there.

The more I look into different ways of acquiring inventory, I’m getting the feeling that it would be better of me to just go legit and get a vendors permit and a tax ID. I knew that I had no idea of what I was getting myself into when I started this. And never did I think that the best way for me to acquire inventory could be to start a registered business, acquire a tax ID and then have to file my taxes four times a year. I think. I need to read up more on that one.

An upside to having to comprehend the Ontario small business tax code is that I could get an actual distributer and be done with the eBay nonsense.

Websites are purposely vague at what the savings would be. I’m aware that the more I buy, the more I would save. And the more I buy, the more I’m able to sell. It’s a cycle that I’m yearning for. But impossible when two seconds left in an auction, I’m sniped.

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