Nexcidia is changing. Not that it has ever been much of anything.

Nexcidia is now going to be a way for me to document my latest endeavor, buying and selling toys. A dealer some would say. Not a drug dealer, they make way more than I do and have higher risks. Although some may say that the clientèle that I deal with are more aggressive.

Whenever I go to a comic convention, I become strangely invigorated. Especially when compared to the lack of life that I display in my cubicle. While everyone tires of crowds, B.O., and idiots who never learned how to push a stroller, my adrenalin rushes. I dart back and forth, booth to booth, checking if there was something I missed, possible price drops, or just to gawk at their stock for the umpteenth time. I also get as giddy as a schoolgirl when dealers talk to me.

At every convention I attend, I always end up drooling over toys that I almost purchased when they were first released, thought they were too expensive, and then contemplate buying them at a show for double the price.

I think I figured out a way to fix this. I’ll buy two. Sell one shortly after stores sell out at a substantial markup. And I’ll keep the other on my shelf out of the box (like toys deserve to be), maybe selling later on at a lower markup.

Where do I start? What resources are available to me? What are the best websites? I don’t have the slightest clue. And that’s exactly what this will be about. What I’m learning as I go. And maybe one day if someone decides to take up the same venture they may read this first and avoid a few costly mistakes.

So, what am I starting with? Two Lego Atlantis sets that I bought on clearance for 50% off at Sears. I already damaged one of the boxes when I tried to take the price tag off…

Torn price tag

There is so much to learn.

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