No sales booked and nothing new on the horizon.

My comfort when starting this was the frequent events in the area. A monthly sports card and comic book show, a large yearly comic book convention, flea markets, and Montreal and Toronto not too far away.

The sports card and comic book show was a bust. I have hope that one day it will expand back into a bigger venue and return to it’s former glory.

Finding out the cost of a booth in a large show blew me away. And the amount of inventory required is out of my league for the time being.

My emails have been ignored by a local yearly flea market that I was looking forward too.

So yea,  basically I have what I started with seven months ago.

At this point I have three options. Spend more to get into larger events, sell online, or flea markets and garage sales

Spend More – I’ve sold twice and did very poorly. I can explain what went wrong both times and know that I shouldn’t base the future from the past, but this is a financial risk that I’m unwilling to take at this time.

Online – As an experiment, I posted all of my Marvel Universe figures on various online classified sites and received eight replies. I was ecstatic. For each response I would reply within an hour, answering any questions that they had and to let them know that I would take photos of the figures they requested that evening. Each time I would take a front and back photo of each figure, attach them in an email and send.
Not one response.

I can’t blame my usual lack of effort on this one. I find the lack of responses to be a bit unsettling, one or two then whatever, but eight is a pattern. It’s possible that my emails are going to their spam, but wouldn’t at least one in eight check their spam folders? At least every now and then? I want to try this again but need to figure out a different approach.

I’ve also been looking into adding an online store to my website. There are a number of ecommerce plugins available. All of which have a few commenters screaming “SCAM!!!!!”. If only there were a way to identify sane commenters from the masses.

Flea markets and garage sales– I define flea markets as 70% leather goods, 10% tacky wares, 5% knives, 5% “junk I found”, 5% legit, and 5% collectables (half of which borderlines with “junk I found”).
Is this a place for me? I can’t see anyone buying my in-box figures. My vintage Star Wars could attract attention but that translating into sales may be a bit of a stretch.

My other immediate option is to attend a yearly community garage sale that happens every spring. At first I thought that it’s completely the wrong market for what I’m selling, but then it hit me. There will be more eyeballs at this sale than at any convention that I can currently afford.

I attend this sale yearly, normally within 15 minutes I’m either annoyed at cars or people. It’s huge, and always packed. I decided (and applied for space) mid-article that this could be a great idea.

Image curiosity of Splenetic

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