Let’s imagine that I had a really good friend growing up. When we were young we were inseparable. But as time went on he changed. At first it was subtle changes in behavior and attitude. Then, he turned into an unrecognizable shell of what he once was. A few years ago, I completely gave up on him.

Today, I got word that he’s out of rehab and a born again Christian.

That’s the only comparison that I can make to “normal people” about how I feel about Disney buying Lucas Film.

I’ve said for years that Lucas is the worst thing to happen to Star Wars. I still stand by that to this day.

But to all of a sudden have a bomb dropped on you that not only is George relinquishing command of his baby but Episode 7 will be out in 2015!?!

That’s not much time. Was a script developed prior to the sale? Will it be rushed? Will this be based of the long rumored live action show? Will it be set immediately after Return of the Jedi or years later dealing with the our hero’s offspring?

No information is available at this time. Considering the magnitude, it’s the strangest movie announcement of all time.

All I can ask of Disney is please; do not take this lightly. You are the holder of what many consider sacred. More sacred than any of your Marvel properties, more sacred than any film in your library, and yes, even more than your beloved mouse.

We’re going to buy tickets anyways. It’s the sad truth and we both know it. Just try, try to make us happy.

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