Dead Island annoyed me. Many times. That being said, it was a ton of fun.

The game is dismal at explaining controls (As well as plot) and you (I) will have (had) to google time after time.

Once you figure out the difference between giving yourself a medpack or putting yourself into rage mode, you’re on way to zombie murdering bliss.

There are screams, there are roars, there are moans of delight as you perfectly execute a one hit skull-exploding swing. This game covers all emotions quite well in fact.

I’m not sure what the game was about. Beginning to the end, unfortunately. But does it matter? Of course not, you smash/shoot/explode/cut/ zombies, that’s it.

Still, really fun game.

FYI You drive on the left lane. It is as annoying as it sounds.

PS. I am in no way a zombie fan, I find them overblown, useless, Hot Topicish, soon be a Twilight knock-off trilogy. My hatred for zombies in no way affected this review.

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