Just a quick post to let everyone know that I will have a table this Saturday at Toy Con by Dave’s Toy Cave which will happening at the Place Desaulniers in Longueuil, Quebec.

I’m very excited for this show; the audience should be the perfect match for what I sell. My theory is based off the fact that the flyer for the show has Marvel, Star Wars and GI Joe logos front and center. Seeing that that my inventory is about 90% Marvel, Star Wars, and GI Joe, I’m expecting a good time.

I was hoping to have new shelving built in time for my next show, but since this is just toys, I won’t need to sacrifice large portions of my table for comics and art. I will still bring my larger shelf for the overflow.

This show I’m going to experiment a lot more with the table arrangement. In the past I would usually have items spread out, face up across the table. This time, I want to try to tetris in as much as possible without it looking like clutter.

At Game Summit, my booth was on the end of a row and the entire time people would reach from the side and pick up various items off my shelf behind my table. I really want to eliminate the reaching behind my table part, but want people to feel free to pick up and look at the majority of my items and reserve the shelf for higher-end merchandise.

I’ll also be accepting Visa and Mastercard at this show thanks to Square Register. It’s a really simple and affordable way to accept credit transactions. As long as I have data reception that is.

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