Nexcidia Booth Ton Con LongueuilI can honestly say that this past weekend was my first good show. I sold my Masterpiece Soundwave, a lot of my Marvel Universe figures, and the majority of my random toys. Overall, I made a small but decent profit; which I’m anxious to reinvest.

I felt that the crowd wasn’t as social as other events. It could have been me being hesitant to initiate conversations due to the language barrier, or if it just wasn’t a social crowd. I’d blame me.

There were great vendors all around, lots of vintage stuff. I spotted some GI Joes from the 1960’s, plenty of boxed Star Wars vehicles (which made my falcon seem very overpriced), and the vendor next to me had an original Optimus Prime with the sticker sheet, stickers waiting 30 years to be applied. I am realizing more and more that I have to get into vintage items; I just have no idea where to start.

I also need to add that I am now fully convinced that it’s vital for anyone selling anything to accept credit transactions. If it wasn’t for Square, I wouldn’t have sold Soundwave, and my profits wouldn’t have been anywhere as nice. The transaction was simple, the customer was comfortable, it was fast, and it was painless.

Next up is pillaging a community garage sale this weekend in hopes of increasing my vintage inventory. My long shot hope is to find a Technodrome.

P.S. Driving in Montreal is absolutely terrifying.

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