I’ve learned not to bring action figures to a sports card show.

Over the years the show seems to have changed from about 50% cards and 50% comics, to about 90%/10%.

Oh well. I can’t complain. It was a learning experience. Such as now knowing the feeling of kids running to my table with glee. “TOYS!! DAD, LOOK!! CAN I HAVE ONE??” Then, eyes burning through me, they mutter, “No. We’re here for sports.”

Within the first 30 minutes I dropped all my prices, $5 off of everything over $15.

All in all, I sold three action figures and one comic.  Better than nothing but worse than my hope of a sale every half hour.

Although there are many toys that I want to rip open and play with, I cannot. l have to sell them.

There are a few flea markets in the area, which I may book closer to the Christmas holidays. I’m also going to try listing them on online classified sites, see if I can offload any without having to pay a commission or table fee.

2 thoughts on “Sports Cards and Toys

  1. Rock Norris says:

    Ironically, I went to that exact same sports card “and collectible” show on a different month to scope it out for my own future use, and came tot he same conclusion. Of course, had I seen you there, based on that photo, I would have bought at least a couple 25th anniversary GI Joe figures.

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