My first show will be on Sunday, October 14th, 2012. I’ll be attending the monthly Ottawa Sports Card and Collectables Show.

Guess what, I CAN’T WAIT!

Tonight, I purchased the 41st edition Overstreet Pricing Guide. I know that it’s not an absolute, but it’ll come in handy when trying to price the portion of my collection that I’m willing to sell.

I also purchased large labels for pricing on comic sets and smaller labels for displaying the price on individual books, as I don’t yet own a price gun. I’ll be using half size post-its for the action figures themselves.

Aside from that, I’ve managed to rig what was once a closet organizer into grid wall. For only paying $5 for the clips to take the place of pegs, I don’t think it’s a bad deal at all. Hopefully it will convey a more professional look to my table as well. I’m not a big fan of making people rummage through boxes to find what they’re looking for.

The show itself is only five hours long so I’m not too paranoid about bathroom breaks and food. I’ll also have @christinemeh there if I need any help.

I know that there’s plenty that I’m forgetting at this point. I’ve been dwelling over this ever since I received the confirmation email that there’s room available.

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