Collection of 12 inch Star Wars Collector Series

Just 17 days to go and I think I’ll be all right. Although my Craigslist find was a huge help, I raided a TJ Max for safe measure. I picked up a few Young Justice figures, 2 Kups, and a Shoa Khan. I also picked up an eBay shipment of 9 Star Wars 12 inch Collector Series figures. I’m assuming that a little diversity should only help.

Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into my pricing strategy. One aspect that’s been bothering me quite a bit is what made me think that I could sell a 25th Anniversary Lady Jae for $55? Why did I believe that although they sell for $65 on amazon, I’ll just happen to run into some obsessed Lady Jae fan who missed out on that figure and has been holding out, hoping to find deal for the last 5 years and my $10 discount is all it takes to push him over the edge.

All prices are coming down. No Marvel Universe will be priced over $25. The vast majority will be between $15- $20, G.I. Joes won’t be over $30, and my newly obtained Star Wars Collector Series figures shouldn’t be over $35.

Notice my constant use of 5 and 0? That’s also going to stop. I’ll just pick a number between 0-5 and end the price with that. Not on everything, but enough to break it up a bit. Maybe make me look a bit less like a dollar store.

I’ve also acquired a shelf that I plan on using for the back of my booth. It’s six feet tall, which should be beneficial. I plan on topping it with the Falcon/box, which I’m hoping will form of some sort of beacon for my booth.

Not much going on in my comic book department. I will do another run through of my keep boxes and hopefully move a few into the for sale boxes. I would like to have 4 short boxes of single issues and then spread my sets out across the table.

The only worry that I’m having at the moment is the requested donation of $100 worth of goods to be provided as giveaways. I feel like I should give stuff I can’t sell, but wonder if it would be an obvious jerk move. Maybe mix it 50/50 and throw in some of @christinemeh prints.

3 thoughts on “Game Summit Update

  1. Rock Norris says:

    Here’s my experience: the first hour of any show are the rarity hunters. They are willing to pay top dollar for the items they’ve been hunting everywhere for. That’s why they lined up: to beat everyone else to your table. Pricing is insanely difficult. You have to use the mentality of: “what do my customers probably have in their pockets? Anything over $20 will get humming/hawing, because it requires another bill to be drawn out of the pocket. Collectors will drop $20 on ANYthing, though. I know I will. Collectors have also gotten savvy checking prices against eBay and Amazon on their handhelds to verify whether something is a good price. Check your location ahead of time. See what the cell signal is like or if there is WiFi available. If so, know that you are also competing with eBay and Amazon for attention. Watch some of your items on eBay, get a sense of what they sold for, then take the average of that and Amazon, rounded to the closest $5. Collectors aren’t stupid. They know that they aren’t paying tax or shipping. Remember that, too. You’re providing a deal. Consider selling anything you have tons of at razor thin margin or even under cost. Many will throw an extra purchase in if they already know they are getting a deal. Hope that helps.

    • Nexcidia says:

      As always, awesome advice. I would never have thought to check if there’s wifi available and then adjust prices accordingly.

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