A combination of The Boys and Sleeping Dogs did not lend well to the sporadic diligence that I give this site. It’s finally time for my much-delayed Game Summit follow-up.

In short, I had an amazing time.

I loved being on the other side of the table. I met a lot of great people, customers and other vendors alike. The atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming.

As this show was primarily dedicated towards board game competitions, a lot of people didn’t make it out to the vendors and those that did venture out, mainly bought board games.

It wasn’t just me that felt this way; all I spoke to were disappointed. Knowing this made me feel a lot better knowing it wasn’t me.

Once again, I experienced eager onlookers gaze at my G.I. Joes, eagerly telling anyone in range that they had those as a kid. Which they obviously didn’t as they came out five years ago. I’m in no way implying any form of insult, but for those who don’t know that, aren’t the type to drop $20 on hazy nostalgia.

My Millennium Falcon acted as a billboard as I hoped. Many mopey men told me how they wished that they had taken better care of theirs or the classic “My mom threw mine out”.

I don’t foresee any big shows happening in the near future. While talking with other vendors, I learned of a few smaller flea markets throughout the summer. I hope to use these small shows to part with the majority of my G.I. Joes and Universe figures in order to diversify my inventory.

Over the weekend I was frequently asked if I had any D.C. or Star Trek figures. I also managed to sell my most random item, a Shao Khan 20th anniversary to an ecstatic Mortal Kombat fan. Diversity being key is getting more and more obvious.

So that’s that, back to my sporadic posting. By the way, Sleeping Dogs and The Boys were fantastic.

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