As you may already know, Ottawa’s annual ComicCon is happening reaaaally soon. How soon? Like less-than-3-days-away soon.

As you can imagine, we’ve been busy going through inventory and figuring out different ways of setting up our booth. We have a lot of stuff to display this time, so we’ve been putting a bit more thought into how everything will be set up. Thankfully, the organizers at Ottawa ComicCon are giving us loads of time, so we’re not too worried!

If you happen to be going and would like to stop by our booth, we are located pretty much in the center of everything, in booth 614. 

Where to find Nexcidia

Like we mentioned in a previous post, we have quite a lot of new stuff and a whole lot of variety to boot. Almost everything is in box or on card – you’ll find stuff from Babylon 5, Star Trek TNG, Planet of the Apes, Marvel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I.Joes, Star Wars and more.

Featured products

This will be the first event we’ve been at that also features a ton of celebrities. For those who are as excited as we are to meet some of these awesome people, here’s some info that might be useful for you! We have put together a list of items that we will be selling at the ComicCon, which features a character played by an actor who will be present this weekend. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to get something cool to have autographed?

Mira Furlan / Ambassador Delenn (Babylon 5)

We currently have the two versions of Delenn in our collection – her pre-transformation form, and the version after her transformation into a human-Minbari hybrid.


Here’s more info on Mira Furlan or the character Delenn (Wikipedia).

Jonathan Frakes / Commander Riker (Star Trek TNG)

We have one figure of the famous William Riker. In this variant, he’s sporting a shirt uniform with a tear. How manly!


Here’s more info on Jonathan Frakes (Wikipedia) or the character Commander Riker (Memory Alpha).

Marina Sirtis / Counselor Troi (Star Trek TNG)

You can’t go far mentioning Commander Riker without hearing the name Deanna Troi. So naturally, we also have a figure of her right now. (But no torn shirt, sorry).


Here’s more info on Marina Sirtis (Wikipedia) or the character Counselor Troi (Memory Alpha).

Wil Wheaton / Cadet Crusher (Star Trek TNG)

No rainbow shirt here. This is the grown up version of Wesley Crusher – he’s a bit more grown up and has put his days as ensign behind him.


Here’s more info on Wil Wheaton (Wikipedia) or the character Wesley Crusher (Memory Alpha)

Peter Mayhew / Chewbacca (Star Wars)

Huurh raaaaaahhgh aarrragghuuhw huurh…I mean, Wookies are awesome! So of course we have a bunch of different versions of Chewbacca from many different lines. Here we feature Chewbacca and Hoth Chewbacca from the Power of the Force line.  



Here’s more info on Peter Mayhew (Wikipedia) or the character Chewbacca (Wookieepedia) 

Show information

The Ottawa Comiccon is happening from Friday May 8th to Sunday May 10th at the EY Centre (4899 Uplands Drive). For more information about the event, access Ottawa ComicCon’s website.

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