This year’s only toy exclusive was a Sheldon Cooper plush doll. I didn’t buy one.

The only manufacture that was selling toys was Hasbro; my options were clone wars randomness or an Avengers 5 pack. The set was nice, but with no incentive to buy then and there, I spent my money elsewhere.

Now remember, this is a guide written as I learn, and I learn by trying. And that, on occasion, includes failing.

I failed you because I was immature and shrugged off the importance of proper reporting. It’s a given that the lighting will be poor, It’s a huge open space with ugly giant florescent lights. And only having a smartphone, the color and depth of field would be problematic. But putting it off until literally the last minute and have to race from booth to booth before they completely dismantle the exhibit. Well, what I shoot will be awful.

Want to know the worst part?  I didn’t bother to mark down the series names or release dates.

I promise, I’ll do better next time.


Hasbro had a number of toys on display, every one of which IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN STORES. Pointless.

Fortunately, DC  had a slew of upcoming releases on display. The following images are the few salvageable photos.







Oh, how could I forget? The biggest news! POGS! But they’re now called Roxx and way more fun than Pogs ever were. So said the depressed booth attendant.


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