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Coming up: Ottawa Geek Market, October 15-16

It’s time to admit to ourselves that summer is now over, that the weather is getting colder and that it’s getting dark oh so much sooner.  Even then, that doesn’t mean that fun and excitement should disappear along with those last glimmers of summer. Fun and excitement, you ask? Of course we could only be […]

A Stack of Board Games: An Introspection

Stack of board games

Just like ebooks could never be better than the feel of paper pages between your fingers – technology and video games could never replace the hands on and social experience of a board game. Not too long ago, we came across someone looking to get rid of a box filled with old vintage board games. […]

GI Joe Patriot – Armored Missile Launcher Transport

GI Joe Patriot Korean Box art

The action is fast and ferocious when the GI Joe Patriot shows its colors and unloads a massive barrage of mortar fire on any Cobra field artillery position! With a positionable, triple-barreled, laser cannon; three spare mortar missiles; a rugged track tread system; a communications antenna; a positionable, springing-action mortar cannon; a pivoting cockpit canopy; […]